ActivArmor™ is COVERED BY INSURANCE, Watersafe, Comfortable, Ventilated and Termperature Resistant

With ActivArmor™, physicians have an infinite number of design options specific to each patient’s unique body map and injury, including customized shape, thickness, exposure of incisions, and adaptability to complimentary technologies, such as TENS for pain management, NMES to reduce muscle atrophy, bio-monitors, ultrasound devices and bone stimulators.

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MP Blocking,
Wrist Cock-up,
Hand Based,
Thumb Spica

ActivArmor™ EMPOWERS patients with the freedom to be able to maintain their active lifestyles. ActivArmor™ can save physicians time and increase clinic efficiencies by reducing skin irritation complaints including moisture, material waste, removal process, recasting and adjustments.
*Use Indications: ActivArmor™ are Class 1 splints fabricated from 100% ABS plastic, and are labeled for external, non-sterile use to provide support, stability, and immobilization for extremities. ActivArmor™ has not yet been formally tested for acute injuries and is not intended to provide bone-level strength to the extremity. The referring provider should determine the appropriate use, time, duration and intensities, for the medical condition.
WARNING: ActivArmor™ is not suggested for use when there is acute edema or may be present in the future. For athletes, it is not intended for use in activities that incur high force impact or torque on the device; competition or training but for recovery and off-field use. ActivArmor™ devices are to be used at the sole risk of the consumer, and are not labeled for use with injuries requiring physician oversight or for acute injuries. ActivArmor™ is not responsible for injury or adverse healing outcomes from device use or misuse.