Benefits For Clinics

Increase Traffic/Patient Volumes to Clinic

ActivArmor™ is the first watersafe, custom fit/designed/fabricated orthosis available in the US Market and has patients demanding it across the country and the world. Being an ActivArmor™ providing clinic increases patient referrals and throughput as patients seek the product out directly and physicians are making referrals to certified clinics. Clinics are viewed as innovative, and are given the opportunity to provide their patients with the latest in high tech healing options including adaptable ultrasound and bone stimulators, TENS units, biomonitors, EMS, etc.

Promotes Staff Development and Expertise

ActivArmor™ scanning clinic staff is trained for free, becoming certified BodyScan 3D scanning technicians by ActivArmor™. This certification boosts resumes with high-tech certification for body surface imaging and is marketable far beyond ActivArmor™ products. 3D surface mapping has applications such as:

  • Pre/post surgical visualization for cosmetic and other surgeries
  • As a doctor/patient communication tool
  • For pre/post therapy treatment movement/flexion comparisons and measurements

Increases Revenues

Scanning clinics have multiple financial incentives for incorporating ActivArmor into their clinical offerings including DME and procedure billing.

Improves Clinic Throughput and Saves Staff Time

ActivArmor™ devices are a useful addition to clinical practices that currently provide custom fabricated orthoses because they free up clinician time to be able to be more productive with their time with their clients and thus have greater revenue potential for the facility.  A clinician can spend 20 to 30 minutes designing, fabricating and finishing an orthosis directly on a patient, and then making any necessary adjustments to ensure an appropriate fit. Within a short amount of time, straps may come loose or fail completely, or the orthosis may be exposed to heat sources altering the shape and fit requiring additional clinician time to repair or in some cases replace the entire orthosis.

ActivArmor™ orthoses require 1-2 minutes of a clinician’s time to scan the necessary image and upload to our system.  Once delivered, the device can be fitted to the client in seconds and checked for appropriate fit. Because the devices are custom fabricated based on an accurate mapping of the body part to be immobilized, adjustments for fit are typically not necessary.  The ActivArmor™ orthoses are resistant to heat and therefore not likely to lose their shape. the patented closure options negate the opportunity for straps to come loose or fail to secure the orthosis.

Allows for more custom design options

ActivArmor™ is truly custom designed and fabricated, not standardized thermoplastic devices in small/medium/large that must be heated and shaped to the body as some “custom” devices claim to be. This gives clinicians an infinite number of design options, allowing them to choose the length, cut lines, exposure of bony protrusions or incisions, adaptability for use with complimentary healing technologies, and sports/lifestyle applications specific to each patient.

Reduces Inventory and Waste

ActivArmor™ devices are fabricated on demand, so there is no inventory to pre-purchase or store, and there is no waste from splinting materials and supplies. ActivArmor™ devices are both reusable and recyclable.

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