The ActivArmor™ Customized Design and Fabrication System

The proprietary ActivArmor™ process includes a scan (precise to 0.5 mm), creating a 3D model of the patient’s limb, and designs a completely individualized and fitted splint based on the physician’s specific positioning and instructions for each patient’s unique needs. The ActivArmor™ device is then custom fabricated for the patient from 100% ABS plastic.

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Saves patient and clinics time and money eliminating multiple re-castings for exams / x-rays and replacement of soggy casts, and in re-fitting*

ActivArmor™ Referring Providers — Medical Providers simply send patients with a prescription for an ActivArmor™ splint to one of our partnering clinics listed on the “Order” page. The prescription should include the diagnosis code and any special design or fit instructions.
ActivArmor™ custom Rx pads are available below.