Elizabeth W, of Lyons, Colorado, is an Ironman All World Athlete, and a USA Triathlete All American.  AND, a previous ActivArmor™ client.  She is also “Vixxen-in-Chief” at Vixxen Racing, out of Boulder, CO.

Prior to finding out about ActivArmor, Elizabeth was not left with many good treatment options — just the old, smelly, clumsy traditional splints…..

“I suffered a hand injury from a car vs bike accident a few years ago and have had several surgeries to improve my baseline but am left with wearing a brace for many activities, and the brace I have from the OT is not cutting it. I made an appointment with my surgeon next week to tell him just that, and see what we could come up with for a solution. I am currently wearing a heat molded plastic splint that I wrap in coban because I kept pulling the velco adhesive off of it. I am not able to ride my bike or pursue the activities I used to without having my hand/wrist braced.  I did not have a suggestion to offer for what I wanted to do instead until I came across your website. I think it would be perfect.”

Thanks to ActivArmorTM waterproof *, breathable, and custom splints, Elizabeth was able to get back into the pool, and on with her training.

“Literally couldn’t do it without you!!!”