“I had this cast and it saved my summer. I broke my wrist in July 2 years ago and thought I was going to miss out on the rest of boating, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming season. I got a bright yellow one and it was AWESOME. Plus because they could unclip it, they started my PT early and I did not wind up with frozen joint syndrome. I had such a good experience with this cast I literally run up to people I see in cast and tell them to look this up and get them. Awesome colors, local inventor. Ask for them. ONLY thing I can say bad, is I had a really funny tan when I finally got to take mine off. But no stinky skin for sure. LOVE IT! Hope they can start doing them for leg casts too!”

“Out and about with my [ActivArmor] cast… I have sent more people to your site than you can believe. Everyone asks about it and I love telling your story. Thank you for giving me back my summer. I have been boating, swimming everyday, paddle boarding, kayaking, and rafting since I got my cast. I am able to shower, and unfortunately do dishes. I can wash my dogs, and hose down my hogs. If when I am throwing hay, it shakes out of the cast. It is not smelly either. My baby Toy Chihuahua loves to chew on it. I just wish I had more than one color to coordinate with my clothes. But I am always answering questions about it and sending people to your site.”

“[ActivArmor is the] best thing that ever happened to me!.”

“If you have a choice of what will be on your arm or wrist, why would [you] choose anything else?”