Because ActivArmorTM facemasks seal so well and filter particulates in BOTH directions, moisture can get trapped inside your mask.

We have a solution.

Many facemasks and face shields currently on the market do not seal to your face, leaving you exposed to airborne particulates going around the filters.  When you breathe, airflow will take the path of least resistance… meaning that it will prefer to flow AROUND your mask instead of through the filters, if it is able to.  And viral and bacterial airborne particulates are micron-level small, so can easily be carried and suspended in the air through a cough or sneeze.

ActivArmor facemasks are custom fitted to your face to provide the absolute best protection for both you, and those you come in contact with.

Many respirator masks have 1-way valves in them to release exhaled humidity from inside the mask.  But these are only filtering the particulates being inhaled by the mask wearer, and not protecting those around them!

ActivArmor facemasks filter both incoming and outgoing particulates, protecting both the wearer, and those around them.  But this means that exhaled water vapor can become trapped inside your mask and cause fogging of the mask, and moisture inside.

Before every mask goes out, we wipe down the interior with de-fogger spray.  You can do this as well, as de-fogger wipes and sprays are commercially available and easily accessible, both online and local retail.  ActivArmor masks are easily cleanable and reusable, so wiping them out as-needed is a breeze.  If actual moisture builds up inside the mask, ActivArmor is offering disposable absorbent strips that can be placed inside the mask.  They can be cut-to-fit, and placed wherever you need to absorb moisture.  You can order them on our website at