ABC News in Denver, Channel 7, The NOW program, interviews one of ActivArmor’s younger patients, Duncan, about how his revolutionary waterproof, 3D printed cast, allowed him to do all the things he love, in the SUMMER!

The scene opens in the park, with Duncan playing in the fountain.  He is wearing his ActivArmor, custom, 3D printed cast, while jumping around in the water.  Because ActivAmor is completely waterproof and breathable, he can enjoy all the normal summer activities, that he would completely miss out on, if he was wearing a traditional cast or splint.

“A traditional cast is stuffy and there’s no breathability to them…. I knew there was a better solution.  The technology was there, so I wondered why it wasn’t available to the general public.”

The interview explores the story of how Diana got started, describing her work running a mentoring program for underprivileged children — some of whom were wearing traditional, plaster casts.  She recognized the deficiencies of this very old technology, and was inspired to develop something different — and so much better!

“Patients get a 3D scan of their injury, and days later, a customized cast that fits them perfectly.”

And, according to the physician being interviewed,

“It’s night and day.  A much better experience.  Much more freedom in life”

And according to Duncan, “Plastic is waterproof, and the other cast material… is not waterproof.”

Thanks to this new waterproof, breathable, 3D printed cast, kids like Duncan can enjoy their summers, and the rest of the year — in spite of broken arms.

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(Published content on Channel 7 News.)