Today’s Pueblo Chieftain presents an interview with the Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, where he points out all the great things happening to Colorado and to Pueblo — including ActivArmor™!

Governor Hickenlooper, in a “state of the state” of sorts, outlines all the great things that are going on in the State of Colorado, in general, and in Pueblo, Colorado, in particular.  He talks of the booming economy, the updated and thriving downtown (including the Riverwalk along the Arkansas),   He also mentions the improvements to infrastructure and healthcare that are underway.

He also points out the various challenges ahead for the state, and for Pueblo, but he presents a lot of optimism for Colorado’s future.

“The economy in Pueblo and across Colorado continues to grow. Through our partnership with the local community, we’ve made headway on several projects, including the expansion of the Pueblo Convention Center and the expansion of a crown jewel in Southern Colorado, the Pueblo Riverwalk. It’s no surprise that with a strong and well-trained workforce Pueblo has gained more than 2,200 employed individuals over the last year. It’s a testament to Pueblo’s resiliency. Still, we know that there is still work to do.”

The Governor points out the entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation, that defines our state.  He specifically calls out ActivArmor, as a local Pueblo start-up, that is reinventing the technology of immobilization.

“Just last month a Pueblo-based company called ActivArmor was one of 15 Colorado companies to earn an advanced industry grant through our Office of Economic Development and International Trade. This initiative invests in innovative technologies and ideas that have great potential for growth and local job creation. The company has created the first commercially available medical splints utilizing 3D body imaging and 3D computer aided drafting design.”

We are proud to be recognized as contributing to the vibrancy of Pueblo and Colorado!

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