Thanks to ActivArmor’s revolutionary waterproof* and breathable design, not even a broken finger could slow Aaron down.  He was able to live his summer, go to Vegas, and even go white water rafting on the Gunnison River!

“Two summers back I was riding my bike at Pueblo Res when I went of a drop and rode straight into a rock, breaking a bone in my left pinky.  Dr. Likes referred me to Activarmor for a cast.  It was the coolest thing, almost cool enough to make it worth breaking my hand, almost.”

“It was July and I was able to swim with my kids and play with them in the pool.  I also traveled to Las Vegas and was able to take it through security with ease.  The ability to get it wet in the shower made life much easier.  I have had stitches in the past which I needed to keep dry, and I found myself putting off washing my hair because it was such a pain.  With your cast I continued life as normal as one can with a broken finger.”

*Waterproof is relative upon pressure and depth of water exposure.