17 Mar, 2018

ActivArmor: customized protection and exposure of wounds, incisions and post-surgical hardware for observation and treatment

17 Mar, 2018

ActivArmor’s custom design gives physicians the ability to expose and/or protect skin lacerations/ulcers, incisions and post surgical hardware. Specified areas, custom to each patient, can be identified for exposure or off-set protection, for truly personalized medicine.

ActivArmor cast custom exposure protects surgical hardware and incision at patient's ulnar head

ActivArmor orthoses are hygienic and custom designed, allowing for improved healing outcomes and patient comfort.

Physicians can expose incisions or wounds for observation and treatment during immobilization phases of the healing process.  The exposure sites are custom to each patient’s unique body map and injury or condition, and are designed into the device, so there is no clinic time or staff required.  The open design and exposures allow for observation and early detection of infections, for more timely treatment and improved healing outcomes.

Identified areas can be offset and/or protected, for patient comfort and mobility with surgical hardware like exposed pins.

Patients can wash like normal, and bacteria is not trapped at incision or wound sites like with traditional casts.