Leading 3D Printing Blog, 3D Printing Media Network, recognizes ActivArmor™ as the first and only commercially available 3D printed, waterproof *, breathable cast or splint in the United States.

“Ever since affordable 3D printing became a thing, a plethora of startups began envisioning it as a tool for producing truly customized orthopedic supports. Some efforts actually reach their goal but only in tailor made single solutions, not as a mass customization device. Now a company called ActivArmor may have finally cracked that riddle, creating a 3D printed cast/orthotic support device for injuries and pain that is meeting with the favor of the medical community.”

“Any doctor is now able to provide their patients with the latest high-tech immobilization option with no additional time or expense by simply writing a prescription for an ActivArmor custom splint. Because the devices are custom designed and fabricated, physicians have an infinite number of unique design options, including length, cut lines, exposure of bony protrusions or incisions, adaptability for use with complimentary healing technologies such as ultrasound and bone stimulators, TENS units, biomonitors, EMS, etc.”

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.

(Published content on 3D Printing Media Network)