STN Tv, a social networking new channel, did a joint interview with Diana Hall, Founder and President of ActivArmor™, LLC, and Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice, of Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, of Scottsdale, AZ.

Chris Coraggio, of the Social Television Network, interviews Diana Hall, and Dr Fitzmaurice.  Dr Fitzmaurice explains the great value he sees in the ActivArmor product, a revolutionary watersafe, hygienic, and fully custom, orthosis.

“I have an engineering background, and I was always intrigued by 3D printing.  Then I came across this company, that already had everything laid out exactly how I would do it for my patients…..  It’s going to provide a better patient care.  Rather than a cast, that you can’t get wet, and can’t be very active.” 

– Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice

Chris then goes on to query Diana on the company’s history, and how she got interested in providing this cool, new technology.

“I was running a mentoring program for children in poverty.  The children would come in with domestic violence, and substandard living conditions.  They’d have these filthy splints and cast, and they couldn’t even wash their hands to have a snack… One little boy couldn’t keep his in a bag outside the shower by himself, and he ended up with permanent scarring on his arm.  I knew the technology was there to provide a better alternative to patients who needed breathable, waterproof solution for splints and casts.” 

– Diana Hall, President/Founder of ActivArmor

It’s great because it’s adaptable for doctors.  They can then expose pins or incisions, or adapt it with new technologies like bone stimulators.  That wasn’t available with the current technology.

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(Published content on STN TV.)