Maddox is a VERY active young man!  When he was diagnosed with a fracture in his arm, he had to look forward to a summer in a bulky, smelly cast or splint.  But, instead, his mom discovered ActivArmor™, at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, in Scottsdale, AZ.  Now, he is able to heal in a waterproof, breathable, hygienic, fully custom, 3D-printed splint.

Maddox’ mom was super excited to find a better alternative, to traditional, old-technology, smelly casts or splints.  And Maddox loved it!

“Very cool technology is a Activarmor – a customized waterproof lightweight plastic cast. They scanned his arm, Maddox picked out his color, and his cast/brace is on it’s way. They put him in a splint for the time-being. But definitely would recommend this route for any injuries! thx for the commercial Fitzmaurice Hand & Wrist Clinic in Scottsdale!!!!”

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And, if you are in need of immobilization of upper arm or hand, and live in the Phoenix area, visit Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, and ask for your own!