Athletes, from kids to pros, love the freedom and comfort of healing in an ActivArmor™ device. Its breathable, waterproof*, hygienic design, allows for training and staying active, while they heal. (As always, follow your physician’s advice.) This video shows how ActivArmor can help you stay active, and “in the game.”

The breathable, waterproof*, hygienic ActivArmor orthoses can help patients more easily maintain their active lifestyles.  This is especially true for athletes.  Train, sweat, bathe, get into the hot tub, ice bath.  In short, get “back into the game.”  (Follow your own doctor’s advice, of course.)

Why sit out, with an ugly, stuffy, stinky fiberglass cast, when you could have one of these high-tech, 3D printed, fully custom, waterproof* casts or splints?  Ask your team doctor or trainer about it!

Hopefully this will catch on more, especially with athletes. I like this since it is more versatile than casts or traditional splints.”

– Dr. In Sok Yi, award winning hand surgeon, Peak Orthopedics

“I’m a huge supporter of ActivArmor.  If you have a broken wrist, and you’re looking for a new, innovative way for an accelerated recovery to get back on the field or court, this is the way to go.  Check it out. Go, ActivArmor!”

– Antwon Burton, Denver Broncos

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