AZFamily (channels 3 and 5 in Phoenix) broadcast a great interview of one of our patients there, Maddox. He and his mom describe how excited they both were to get Maddox into an ActivArmor(TM) waterproof* cast, instead of a traditional plaster cast. Maddox was so happy to not have to sit by the side of the pool while his friends and family got to have all the fun.

“[With a traditional cast] he would have been uncomfortable. He would have been crabby. He would have been itchy… and sticking wires in there and itching it, and putting a bag over it, and watching everyone swim and he would have been crying every day,” Tami, Maddox’ mom, said.

Dr Michael Fitzmaurice, owner of FItzmaurice Hand Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, also was featured in the story.  He described his satisfaction, not only with the clear lifestyle improvements of a truly waterproof* cast, but also with the healing outcomes of ActivArmor.

“So with this device, it is a hard plastic that has a mesh design. It has all kinds of holes in it.  So it protects the injured area but it allows water to penetrate through. You can take a shower, you can swim, you can be active in your lifestyle.”

Dr. Fitzmaurice says the fit is actually better than a plaster cast and has other advantages as well.

“Say you have an incision there and you can actually look at the incision site without having to worry about taking the cast off and putting a new one back on… It makes it easier also to do ultrasound therapy, you know, you have a little window you can cut out and you have an ultrasound device that can stimulate bone healing… It actually decreases the bacterial level, because you can actually wash underneath.”

“Kids tend to get casts and splints dirty no matter where they are! And especially in the Phoenix, Arizona summer heat! Normal casts and splints start to smell immediately, you should see some the ones I have a had to remove! They stink up the entire clinic room! ActivArmor’s solution solves this issue! Parents all over will be thankful!…And even adults can also be fitted for these types of casts, keeping everyone in the pool and enjoying the beach throughout the summer!”  Meg Milstone Conover, PA at Fitzmaurice Hand Institute

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(Published content on AZFamily.)