20 May, 2018

How Does ActivArmor Compare to Other “Waterproof” Off-the-Shelf Splints?

20 May, 2018

Some off-the-shelf splints claim to be waterproof, but there are many reasons why ActivArmor is far and away superior to such products in terms of comfort, ease of use, cost, and compliance.

“The Exos(TM) was supposed to be waterproof, but ended up getting moisture in it and left me with permanent scars, and also was constantly itching and uncomfortable.”

– Mark Madic, Patient

“We recently purchased Exos(TM) thinking they would be quicker and easier and reimbursement was good, but reality is we still have a closet full 2 years after the fact.”

– Matt Bruns, DNP, ONP-C

  • Off-the-shelf custom splints have fabric inside that can trap moisture and bacteria, and must be washed and dried.  The device must be removed for cleaning, and also drying if the device gets wet.  This is a liability for patients with fractures who need to remain immobilized, and many doctors will not use them in place of casts for this reason.  ActivArmor does not need to be removed to clean or dry out, and can therefore stay on for the entire immobilization phase like a cast!
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints are adjustable by the patient.  This can lead to incorrect use!  ActivArmor is fit precisely to the patient’s unique body image to immobilize exactly how the physician has positioned them for healing.
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints are stuffy and not breathable.  ActivArmor’s open design and lack of fabric allow air to circulate on the skin and expose the skin to breathe and to allow you to bathe and wash as you normally would!
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints require expensive heating equipment to form them to fit the patient, and clinic/provider time to fit each device to the patient.  ActivArmor does not require any equipment purchase to provide or fit to the patient.  The hand-held scanner takes only 30 seconds to use, takes up very little space and is portable.  The ActivArmor device then comes ALREADY FIT to the patient!
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints are often painful to apply!  They must be heated and squeezed to the patient’s injured limb.  ActivArmor fit is completely touch-free and therefore painless.
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints take up provider and clinic time to heat and fit to the patient, as well as any adjustments due to deformation in the future.  ActivArmor requires only a 30-second-scan, and rarely require adjustment due to the precise fit to the patient’s body-map.
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints are only custom FIT, not custom DESIGNED.  They come in standard designs, all of which must be held in inventory, and the sizes are limited.  ActivArmor is COMPLETELY custom – it can be designed to be any thickness, any unique coverage areas, specific to the patient’s unique body shape, positioning, injury, and lifestyle.  It can expose post-surgical hardware and incisions, and adapt for use with other technologies like biomonitors, TENS units for pain management, NMES to reduce muscle atrophy, and bone stimulators/ultrasound to reduce bone fracture healing times.
  • Off-the-shelf custom splints can deform in heat, such as sun, hot cars or hot tubs.  This can result in changing the healing configuration the physician wanted for the patient.  ActivArmor does not deform at these temperatures, and maintains its shape in the patient’s ideal healing position.
  • Off-the-shelf custom fit splints come in sizes XS – XL, in both right and left, and more than 10 different designs.  That is a LOT of inventory to purchase, maintain and stock!  ActivArmor has NO inventory or up-front costs to provide!
  • Off-the-shelf custom-fit splints use billing codes with lower reimbursement codes than ActivArmor custom fabricated orthoses.