Up to 15% of the population has claustrophobia, and CAST claustrophobia is a serious problem for many patients, resulting in panic attacks and non-compliance with traditional treatment options.

ActivArmor™ has successfully treated claustrophobic patients – allowing them to see and touch their limb, feel airflow, and reduce the trapped feeling, giving them relief and comfort while healing.


“When I needed to wear a cast myself, I could not stand it and went into the office in the middle of the night to cut it off!”  –  Dr. Gregory Montalbano, Orthopedic Surgeon

Many patients experience a feeling of claustrophobia, or feeling “trapped” and anxious inside traditional casts – to the point of panic and even removing/destroying their cast.  Refusing to comply with treatment can result in poor healing outcomes.

“Talked out, stressed out, and out of my mind, I turned to the modern Magic 8 Ball, Google. I typed in ‘I hate my cast.’ Out of the abyss appeared my diagnosis. I have cast claustrophobia!  There is scant research published and some anecdotal evidence out there, but I learned I am not alone. I discovered publicly posted confessions of cast hacking with knives, bull nose pliers, Dremel tools and more. These suffering stories are not new. Cast claustrophobia has been going on for sometime.”

–  Amanda Deverich, (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cast-claustrophobia_us_57a68620e4b0c94bd3c9a1cc)

In a 2014 study on intolerance to casting performed by orthopedic surgery departments at Kobe Rosai Hospital and Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, the surgeons found cast claustrophobia to occur in 9 out of 1,574 castings, or about 0.5% of the population.

They stated: “Most hand surgeons have experienced seemingly difficult patients who showed excessive anxiety, discomfort, or intolerance to the casting of their upper extremities after surgery without any objective findings pertaining to problems with the casts.”

ActivArmor has been tolerated by patients with cast claustrophobia, allowing them to safely and effectively heal from their injuries or conditions.  Veterans, and those with PTSD are known to be especially susceptible to cast claustrophobia, and have been helped by using ActivArmor.

“The panic rises slowly and even though you try to concentrate on other things all you can think of is the things you CAN’T do, I can’t see my foot, I can’t move my foot, I can’t scratch my foot, I can’t do this. I wanted to rip it off with my bare hands.” 

– Aoibhin Fallon, (http://jrnl.ie/1570904)

ActivArmor’s breathable design allows the patient to see the immobilized limb, touch the skin, and feel airflow to the affected area, eliminating the “trapped” feeling associated with traditional casts.