ActivArmor™ was referred to by one of our southern Colorado advocates, Dr. Romero, for this super cute 3-year old boy, who needed immobilization.

Eli needed his foot/ankle immobilized, but he and his parents were not looking forward to a summer starting in a stinky, sweaty, traditional fiberglass cast.  Thankfully, they found ActivArmor’s waterproof *, custom, 3D printed cast!  Eli is now able to fully enjoy his summertime, while still healing successfully.

“They’d often come in with these filthy casts, they couldn’t even wash their hands to have a snack. They would have skin irritation, they’d get dirt, sticks, anything was tuck down there. They’d be scratching down there with coat hangers. I thought ‘this is so archaic!’ We’ve been doing the same thing, splinting and casting for so many years. I knew the technology was there to provide a better alternative.”

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