Jason K has been wearing an ActivArmor™ device, for seven weeks.  He is so happy with this superior, waterproof*, breathable cast, that he wanted to make a video, documenting his experience. With the fully custom and washable design, he is able to get back to his life, including gardening.

“It’s waterproof, and it fits great!  Seven weeks and no smell!  I honestly don’t even mind wearing it.  There’s nothing that anyone could say to me, about a standard fiberglass cast, that would even compare to this.”

“Prior to having this on, I had a splint and bandage on my arm, for 3 weeks. As soon as I got this [ActivArmor] on, I came home and took a shower, and a massive amount of skin sloughed off, because it was dead underneath. Since then, I have had my [ActivArmor] on for 7 weeks, and I’ve had ZERO problems with it.”

“I can’t imagine why any doctor, in the United States, or otherwise, would not be using this as their cast.  Everybody that has walked up to me, that has ever had a cast, has said “Oh my God, I wish I had that when I had a cast.”

If I had a standard cast, …. I could move my thumb around.  In [my ActivArmor], my thumb and hand don’t move at all.

“Talk to your doctor about getting this!”

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.