Medgadget, and independent blog site, run by doctors and biomed engineers, recently interviewed Diana Hall, founder and president of ActivArmor™, maker of the first and only commercially available waterproof, breathable, fully custom, 3D printed casts and splints.

In this in-depth interview, Medgadget explores the unique technology and clinic value of ActivArmor. In addition, the story of how the company was founded, over 3 years ago, and its successful growth to date.

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Read exerpts below:

ActivArmorTM, based in Colorado, offers a range of 3D-printed casts and splints. The customized casts are breathable and water-proof, and can be made to either be fixed in place, or removable, as required. The company reports that patients wearing the new casts can complete a greater range of activities during their recovery, including swimming.”

“The designers were inspired to create the casts when they noticed that children often struggle to keep their casts clean and dry, leading to a variety of problems. 3D-printing has been around for a while, so it was an intuitive leap to apply this versatile technique to custom casts.”

“The casts are designed to be comfortable and can reduce the skin irritation associated with conventional casts by minimizing sweat build-up and allowing patients to wash the casted area. The production process involves a scan of the injured limb, resulting in a 3D map that ActivArmor uses to 3D-print a custom cast from high-temperature thermosetting plastic.”

“Physicians can customize a variety of cast parameters, including the thickness and shape, and can also opt for various access points to allow them to perform complementary therapies on the affected limb, such as techniques to reduce pain or muscle atrophy.”

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