ActivArmor’s hygienic, washable properties make it the BEST choice for people who work in service industries like healthcare and food handling.

When people in careers requiring hygienic or sterile conditions (like healthcare and food handling) get injured or have a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that requires immobilization, they are often required to take time off from their jobs, short-term, or long-term disability.  Once short-term disability time limits expire, or for those who are paid by the project or on commissions, they have lost the income they need to provide for themselves and their families.

ActivArmor devices are the only fully washable and hygienic casts/splints in the marketplace.  Made from 100% ABS plastic and fully submersible, you can clean them with soap and hot water, use sanitizing and cold sterilization products on them.  Sanitation and hand washing are critical during COVID-19 for keeping staff and customers safe!

In one hospital network, we were able to get 12 nurses and a surgeon off short-term disability and back to work by using ActivArmor!

ActivArmor is fully covered by Worker’s Comp at most of our providing clinics (call the specific clinic for details).  Simply have your doctor write a prescription for a custom splint (downloadable on our website) and make an appointment at one of our providing clinics for the fitting, and you’ll be back to work in 3-4 business days!

“I can work, get dirty, and wash it right off!”

– Jason K.


“A nice alternative to traditional casting. I have personally used these to recover from wrist surgery and was very happy with the ease of use.” 

– Alex Romero, MD