11 Aug, 2018

ActivArmor Saves Patients AND Clinics Time and Money

11 Aug, 2018

ActivArmor is a win-win, saving both patients and clinics time and money throughout the treatment and healing process.

Time/Cost Savings for Patients:

Patients with broken arms often have swelling and require a compression splint or a temporary cast that must be replaced when the swelling goes down.  A cast must be applied directly onto the patient’s arm and then allowed to dry.  For each follow-up exam and x-ray, the cast must be cut off with saw, and a new cast applied.  If the patient gets the cast wet, gets debris trapped, has skin irritation or infection under the cast, the cast must be cut off, the area cleaned and treated, and re-applied.  This process can occur over weeks or even months.  In addition, the patient often requires a removable support orthosis in later healing phases after the cast has been removed.  This entire process requires the patient to incur multiple bills and a lot of time in the clinic.  Many of us have high-deductible insurance plans and co-pays, and want to keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.

ActivArmor devices eliminate much of this wasted time and money.  Once the swelling has gone down, the patient undergoes a painless 30-second scan in the clinic and picks up their device in 3-4 business days.  The device is re-usable, so there is no need for loud, scary saws and casting time at every exam.  You also don’t need to pay for multiple devices, as ActivArmor transitions from a cast to a removable splint for long-term support in later healing phases.  ActivArmor is covered by most insurance, and priced in line with traditional custom splints, so affordable to everyone.

To get an ActivArmor device, simply bring a prescription from your doctor and make an appointment at one of our providing clinics.

Time/Cost Savings for Clinics:

Traditional casting and splinting requires raw materials inventory to be purchased, stored, and managed.  When a patient requires immobilization, there is set-up time, clinic space required for application, staff time for applying the cast or splint, and clean-up.  At each follow-up appointment, a cast must be sawed off and re-applied, incurring waste and further clinic space and staff time.  Patients often come in with hygiene or skin irritation complaints, and wet casts, requiring additional inventory and costs.  In fact, one Orthopedic Clinic manager in Louisiana reported having to replace casts for patients in the hot and humid South every single week!  Many clinics lose money with every cast they apply, when all of the overhead costs are accounted for.  Some clinics bill packaged codes depending on the diagnosis, so get paid the same amount whether they apply 1 cast or 100 casts throughout the treatment period. Adapting traditional casts and splints for advanced healing technologies like bone stimulators, or accommodating for bony protrusions, post surgical hardware, etc. is expensive and time consuming, limiting doctors’ ability to provide the latest treatment options.

ActivArmor is free to implement at any clinic – we provide the scanning equipment and training for free, and there is no inventory to purchase or stock.  Billing is the same as it is for traditional custom splints, and wholesale prices are cost effective – below Medicare published rates.  ActivArmor is completely custom designed and fabricated by ActivArmor – we are a DIGITAL CASTING/SPLINTING SERVICE, replacing the inventory, space and staff time required for casting and splinting with a 30-second scan in the clinic.  ActivArmor devices are re-usable, and can be non-removable like a cast or removable like a splint, so can be removed for exams and x-rays and re-applied, and can also transition with the patient, eliminating the time, expense and waste of multiple casting and splinting throughout the healing phases.  Patients do not need soggy casts replaced repeatedly or complain of lifestyle constraints due to not being able to get them wet or wash.  Exposure and/or protection of pins or incisions, and adaption for technologies like bone-stimulators are all at your fingertips for no additional cost or effort.

You can reduce your overhead costs and staff time, and improve patient throughput with ActivArmor!

To become an ActivArmor provider, simply contact us for details!