11 Aug, 2018

ActivArmor – Safe and Skin Friendly

11 Aug, 2018

ActivArmor is biocompatible and made from 100% ABS plastic to provide a hygienic, breathable, safe casting/splinting alternative.

ActivArmor is made from 100% ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) – a stable, hard and durable plastic used in toys, food packaging and surgical tools, to name a few.  It is washable, cold sterilizable, and reusable, as well as recycleable.

ActivArmor has passed ISO-10993 biocompatibility testing, and has been successfully used on patients with allergies to latex and other traditional casting and splinting materials.

It is temperature resistant and will not deform in heat, so patients can ice-bath or hot tub in ActivArmor without worry.