Dr. Montalbano agrees that ActivArmor™ is an improvement over traditional splints and casts.

In this interview, Dr. Gregory Montalbano discusses how a patient is fitted for ActivArmor as well as the benefits of ActivArmor over traditional splints and casts.

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ActivArmorTM is the first commercially available waterproof, custom 3D printed casts and splints in the US marketplace. ActivArmor gives patients a better quality of life because it is hygienic, breathable, customizable and waterproof.”

“A 30 second image of the area is taken then uploaded and designed with the same plastic that helps make Lego blocks.”

Since ActivArmor casts are custom fit to each patient they are comfortable to wear. “We are excited about this product because we know how uncomfortable traditional casts may be. In fact, many patients are reluctant to wear casts.”

In a separate phone interview with Dr. Montalbano he admitted “When I needed to wear a cast myself, I could not stand it and went into the office in the middle of the night to cut it off!”

“ActivArmor is being used by physicians for acute injuries such as breaks and sprains, and for chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.”

During a phone interview Dr. Montalbano expressed his concern that  “Some of my patients are opting for surgery with internal hardware, like plates, in order to get back to work more quickly and avoid wearing a cast.” As he explains in the interview with Staten Island Advance “With ActivArmor, an individual can swim, bathe, shower, sweat, and continue normal lifestyle activities while healing. They are custom fit, precisely to an individual’s unique body map, and hand-designed based on a specific injury or condition and a doctor’s prescription.”

The process to be fitted for ActivArmor is quick and easy. “Patients simply need to bring a prescription for a custom splint from their doctor, and make an appointment at Regional Orthopedics (or any of the providing clinics listed on our website) for fitting.”

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(Published content on Staten Island NY Local News)