Tracy J is very happy with her custom ActivArmor™ foot cast! She is able to get back to the activities she enjoys such as riding her bike in the fresh air and relaxing in a pool float. Her breathable, custom, waterproof, foot cast keeps her active while providing the necessary protection to allow her foot to heal.

Tracy’s ActivArmor device allows her to ride her bike again and enjoy the fresh air with her two dogs.


“I don’t have to pedal on this bike, but I am so happy to be able to ride.”

“My heel wound is perfectly aligned for comfort in the cast. It feels comfortable!”

Because of the ability to customize ActivArmor devices, we were able to offer Tracy a removable extension to her cast to protect her toes.

“My toes feel safe now. I also love that I have space to lift up my toes.”

Whether floating in the water or riding her bike with the dogs, Tracy is enjoying life with her ActivArmor cast!

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