Diana Hall, founder and President of ActivArmor™, is interviewed by Channel 5 News in Colorado Springs, about her Company, as well as the recent semi-finalist placing in the NASA iTech competition.

The NBC News affiliate in Colorado Springs, CO, KOAA Channel 5, came down to Pueblo to talk to Diana Hall about the revolutionary, fully custom, breathable, 3D printed, waterproof casts.  While ActivArmor’s splints and casts are cool enough on their own, the station was also interested in the company’s recent semi-finalist award in NASA’s iTech competition.

In September, ActivArmor, alongside 25 other companies, made it to the semi-finals for the NASA iTech Initiative — a program dedicated to seeking out technologies that can address issues that may be faced in future space exploration.

For example, one of the issues future explorers might face is a finite amount of space for the necessary equipment.

“When you have 3D printing in space, you just take the raw materials and make whatever you need.”

Ms. Hall showed the reporter around the ActivArmor offices in downtown Pueblo, and showed off many examples of the waterproof, breathable casts, that are quickly gaining popularity among physicians across the US.

“My goal is to move this forward to be a point of service model. Where you can walk into a clinic, you get a scan, and your device is manufactured there and put on you in a matter of hours,” Hall said.

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.

(Published content on KOAA News)