Glenn A, a patient at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, not only loves his ActivArmor™ device, but he reports that his usage of opioids for pain has decreased significantly!

Opioid use (and abuse) is a predominant concern in healthcare these days in the US.  For various reasons, including perhaps the appropriate increasing focus on pain management in the last two decades, has created a situation where many patients have gone from minimal use of these powerful narcotics, to overuse, and even addiction.

So, having a treatment option that may help patients reduce their pain, and their need for these valuable, but addictive, medicines, would be very valuable!  ActivArmor, as a fully customized orthoses, can integrate in advanced treatment options, such as TENS units, bone stimulators, etc.

Glenn, attests that, in his case, his waterproof, breathable, hygienic ActivArmor cast, has directly helped him reduce his need for opioids!

“I wear my [ActivArmor] splint every day, at least for part of the day.  Using this amazing and comfortable splint, along with other therapies, has reduced my opioid use by 45-50%!”

“This [ActivArmor] device works for me, when nothing else would.”