Denver’s “Mile High Magazine” came down to Pueblo a month or so ago, to find out what all the excitement was about, around ActivArmor’s revolutionary waterproof, breathable, hygienic, 3D-printed casts and splints.

Denver’s 5280 Magazine is perhaps the most widely read magazine along the Front Range, The articles cover all aspects of life in the great state of Colorado, from lifestyle, to sports, to politics.  In this article, the writers recognize the great value that ActivArmor’s waterproof and breathable cast brings, especially, to the very active and athletic population in our great state!

“No powderhound wants to miss out on any of those days because of a broken arm and itchy cast, and now they don’t have to. Pueblo’s ActivArmor makes waterproof casts that just might salvage your winter.”

But, the clinical and lifestyle advantages are not just limited to athletes…

“ActivArmor’s designers use scans of breaks and strains to shape casts so they immobilize only the joints that need to be arrested. The specificity allows non-injured fingers a wider range of motion and doesn’t trap harmful bacteria against the skin in a dank jail for months.”

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(Published content in November 2018 edition of 5280 Magazine)