ActivArmor™, is partnering with Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, official Sport Medicine Provider for teams like the Armada, the Blue Wave, JU, the Jaguars, and the Sharks, to bring this revolutionary immobilization technology to the Jacksonville, Florida area.  With years of field-testing completed on the high-tech waterproof, hygienic, breathable cast/splinting alternative, the startup company is growing nation-wide, and now expanding to the north Atlantic coast.

JOI is a perfect match for ActivArmor, in its mission to provide a complete range of orthopedic care using the latest treatment technologies.  JOI’s 34 board-certified physicians will now be able to offer ActivArmor’s revolutionary waterproof, and fully custom, casts & splints to their patients.  ActivArmor is a great addition to JOI’s suite of tools, offering pain management, physical therapy, non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures and complex surgical procedures, to the greater Jacksonville area, and beyond.

“The Jacksonville Orthopeadic Institute is known to be on the cutting edge of orthopedic procedures, treatments, and recovery. Our newest partnership with ActivArmor™ fosters JOI’s principles of innovated recovery. Unexpected injuries and broken bones are debilitating and tend to halt life … Not anymore … JOI’s partnership with ActivArmor™ empowers patients with the freedom to be able to maintain their active lifestyles. Experience the new way to heal from sprains and breaks that JOI and ActivArmor™ collaboratively offer.”

“JOI’s expertise in sports medicine makes them an ideal provider of this next-gen product,” says Diana Hall, Founder of ActivArmor, “Being right on the field with their patients, they are able to see the benefits of our hygienic, waterproof orthoses first-hand, and provide their patients with the latest in custom care solutions to improve healing outcomes and quality of life, both on and off the field.”

ActivArmor is super excited to be working with this innovative clinic in Jacksonville, FL, and to be expanding into the great state of Florida!  Watch for our operational launch announcement in late December!  And keep up with the latest developments on Facebook and Instagram!

See the announcement on JOI’s site here.