Zack Bailey, a starting D1 Offensive Lineman in the Southeastern Conference, was recently fitted with ActivArmor’s revolutionary, 3D printed, fully custom, breathable, waterproof cast.  Zack joins a host of other elite athletes that have turned to ActivArmor™ for immobilization needs, to help maintain their active lifestyles.

“Foot is great, back up and walking now. The ActivArmor Cast was incredible, so useful and beats the standard cast any day of the week. The ActivArmor cast is very durable and made cleaning my ankle so easy as well as watching the healing process. The cast [allowed] my ankle to be exposed to the air, healing the wound faster. Being able to take the cast off and on really helped with my recovery because I was able to ice and stem, all while still keeping my ankle stable.”  – Zach Bailey

 Zack joins a long list of other elite athletes that are finding ActivArmor’s waterproof and breathable casts vital to their treatment.  From Adam Cianciarulo, a professional motorcross rider, to Nate DiCasmirro, professional hockey player, to Nadia Sullivan, a competitive triathlete — they all found ActivArmor to be an extremely valuable tool in their recovery, allowing for healing and the activities they love.

“Hopefully this will catch on more, especially with athletes. I like this since it is more versatile than casts or traditional splints.”
– Dr. In Sok Yi, award winning hand surgeon, Peak Orthopedics