02 Jan, 2019

College Football Player sporting ActivArmor foot cast!

02 Jan, 2019

Zack Bailey, a starting D1 Offensive Lineman in the Southeastern Conference, was recently fitted with ActivArmor’s revolutionary, 3D printed, fully custom, breathable, waterproof cast.  Zack joins a host of other elite athletes that have turned to ActivArmor for immobilization needs, to help maintain their active lifestyles.

Zack joins a long list of other elite athletes that are finding ActivArmor’s waterproof and breathable casts vital to their treatment.  From Adam Cianciarulo, a professional motorcross rider, to Nate DiCasmirro, professional hockey player, to Nadia Sullivan, a competitive triathlete — they all found ActivArmor to be an extremely valuable tool in their recovery, allowing for healing and the activities they love.

“Hopefully this will catch on more, especially with athletes. I like this since it is more versatile than casts or traditional splints.”
– Dr. In Sok Yi, award winning hand surgeon, Peak Orthopedics