The Times-Union newspaper in Jacksonville announces the launch of ActivArmor™ in the “First Coast” market.

In this article, Beth Reese Cravey, of the Times-Union, conducts a great interview with Diana Hall, President and Founder of ActivArmor, and Dr Kevin Kaplan, orthopedic and sports medicine doctor at JOI (as well as team doctor for the Jacksonville Jaguars.)

The inspiration for a new high-tech, 3D alternative to traditional plaster and fiberglass casts and splints — available regionally only at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute — was a young Colorado boy who in 2014 broke his arm.


The first-grader’s cast got wet, which led to an infection and permanent scarring.


At the time, he was in a youth mentoring program run by Diana Hall, a chemical engineer who had taken a nonprofit break when her daughter was born. Hall remembers telling herself there had to be a better way to heal broken bones.

“I knew the technology was there,” she said.


Hall made a prototype plastic cast for the boy using 3D printing, which makes solid, physical objects from a digital file. The cast worked so well his doctor asked for more. That led Hall to found ActivArmor of Pueblo, Colo., the only U.S. manufacturer of custom-made waterproof 3D casts, according to the company.

ActivArmor is excited to launch these revolutionary, waterproof casts, in Jacksonville, and the surrounding area, through our new clinic, JOI.

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(Published content on Jacksonville Times-Union)