First Coast Living, a leading television news magazine in the Jacksonville, FL, area, interviews Dr Kevin Kaplan of Jacksonville Orthopaedics Institute (JOI) along with Rich Thomann, the local independent sales representative for ActivArmor. Dr Kaplan and Rich talk about the incredible value of adding ActivArmor‘sTM waterproof casts to the portfolio of great products offered at JOI.

“ActivArmorTM is basically the first commercially available 3D printed cast. It’s pretty amazing. We’re going from casts where we wrap it on or have someone wrap it on and try to mold it, where we can actually make a cast for every specific patient. So it’s unbelievable the way that technology’s improved.”  Dr Kevin Kaplan, JOI

“It’s a plastic [device] that’s 3D printed, and it’s specifically molded to fit your own anatomy. And the plastic itself is waterproof, you can get it dirty, and it’s breathable as you can see — you can see through it. You can expose an incision site if there’s an acute injury. So it’s a fantastic leap forward in the technology allowing the management of an injured arm or a bone, to treat a broken bone.”  Rich Thomann

“It can be worn like a cast or a splint. So with a splint, we can have ways to take it off, whether it’s just kind of tied together with twist ties, or we can make like a cast and actually clamp it together so that it can’t come off … Patients that are diabetic, that have Charcot foot or skin problems that you’re worried about, now you can expose that area, you can make sure there’s no pressure on that area where they may have a skin breakdown. So the ways that we can use this overall whether you’re a hand surgeon or a foot surgeon or a sport surgeon, there’s just so many uses for this type of material.”  Dr Kevin Kaplan

Jacksonville Orthopaedics Institute and ActivArmor are super excited to be working together, to offer this revolutionary waterproof cast, that is both breathable and more hygienic, to the Jacksonville area.

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(Published content on First Coast News)