Chris B was concerned about missing out on the activities his family had planned for their vacation in Hawaii until his doctor prescribed ActivArmor™ for him! Chris had the freedom to enjoy amazing activities like hiking, canoeing, swimming, and zip lining – all while being immobilized!

Chris felt completely safe and secure in his ActivArmor splint and would recommend it to anyone! Chris was able to fully enjoy his vacation while wearing his protective, breathable, custom, 3D printed, waterproof cast.

When Chris broke his radius he was put in a traditional cast and then moved into a Velcro splint. He didn’t feel like he could do the activities he loved until the doctor put him in an ActivArmor cast!


“The Velcro splint was OK but I didn’t feel like I could continue my active lifestyle.”

Chris’ doctor prescribed ActivArmor and within 48 hours of getting his arm scanned he had his new ActivArmor splint!


“Thanks again for the brace, meeting me so quickly and getting it to me in time for my vacation.”

Chris is an avid skier who skis an average of 40 days per year. He wouldn’t have the confidence to continue skiing with an immobilized arm without his ActivArmor  cast.


“I felt completely safe and secure while skiing with the ActivArmor splint and would recommend it to anyone.”

“I’ve had countless people ask me about it, want to feel it and were genuinely curious about it.”

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