Alisha O is very happy with her ActivArmorâ„¢ cast! She loves to ride horses and her waterproof, breathable, 3D printed, ActivArmor cast allowed her to get back into the saddle and to stay cleaner while working in a very dirty barn environment.

“This cast has really been a life saver! I seriously wish I had been able to get it sooner!”

“The fit is great, and it seems more stable then a traditional cast. I have so much more functionality with it too!”

“I’m absolutely impressed with how functional my cast actually is!”


The same ActivArmor device can be used as a cast during the acute injury phase, and then transitioned into a removable splint for on-going support and protection.


“Having it now has made things so much easier to transition back to using my wrist!”


“Not that I’m hoping to ever need a cast again, but if the need arises I will definitely get to a scan location immediately!”

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