ActivArmor™ devices are custom fit to the millimeter of the patient’s body image scan for a comfortable fit and proper immobilization. But is adjustable, and can be bi-valved with spacers to accommodate future swelling.

ActivArmor is being prescribed by physicians for both acute injuries like breaks and sprains, and chronic conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In the cases of acute injuries, there is often swelling (or edema) associated with the injury.  Orthopedic providers often put the patient in a compression splint, or temporary solution, until the swelling goes down.  In some cases, the patient will be casted immediately, and then will return in a week or 2 to have their cast cut off and replaced, as it has become loose, and no longer immobilizes the injury effectively once the swelling has resolved.  Sometimes patients have casts bi-valved (cut in clamshell halves) and wrapped, to accommodate for recurring edema.

With ActivArmor, the scan is done once the swelling has resolved (just like a cast), because it is mapped directly to the patient – accurate to the millimeter.  If edema recurs, ActivArmor is adjustable, and can be bi-valved with spacers – with adjustable thicknesses, to accommodate.



If the patient had some undetected swelling at the time of the scan, or experiences some muscle atrophy, ActivArmor can be tightened/padded in certain areas with our free waterproof, adhesive-backed padding, that can be cut to fit the desired areas.