27 Jan, 2019

ActivArmor Improves Clinical Staff Efficiency and Patient Throughput

27 Jan, 2019

ActivArmor replaces traditional casting and splinting efforts in the clinic – increasing patient throughput and billing opportunities.

In a busy clinic, time is money.  Let us do the work for you.

ActivArmor replaces labor and cost-intensive casting and splinting with a 30-second scan.  We do all of the design, fabrication, and finishing work, so you can spend more time doing what you do best: providing top notch care for your patients.

Multiply your patient throughput and billing opportunities while cutting labor and inventory costs by becoming an ActivArmor provider.  Each device is hand-designed for your patient in less time than it takes to apply a cast – and all future casting and splinting work is eliminated throughout the patient’s healing phases when they use ActivArmor.

  • No more cutting off casts and re-casting for every exam and x-ray.
  • No more replacement of soggy casts.
  • No more messy casting materials or clean-up.
  • No more expensive inventory to maintain or store.
  • No more overworked, harried staff or back-log of irritated patients waiting in the casting room.

If you are interested in providing ActivArmor at your clinic, contact us today at www.ActivArmor.com for more information.