ActivArmor Clinic Process Video – Lynn’s Story

Lynn Schelp, a patient at ActivArmor’s providing clinic in Illinois, Quincy Medical Group, describes her success with this revolutionary, waterproof*, breathable, hygienic, 3D-printed cast.

A Different Kind of Casting

Lynn, an active adult, was being by the orthopedic physicians at the Quincy Medical Group, in Quincy, Illinois. When faced with a choice between an outdated, smelly, plaster cast, or some other old technology for her required immobilization, and ActivArmor(TM), the first and only commercially available 3D-printed, watersafe, breathable, and fully custom cast or splint in the US, the choice was obvious!

“A regular cast, well, you couldn’t get it wet.  If I took a bath, I put a baggie on it.  It was very inconvenient.”

“[MyActivArmor(TM)] was made especially for me.  They scanned my arm, … and it fit perfectly.    I like it because… because I can take a bath, can do dishes.  It breathes, it doesn’t get itchy.  I like it a lot.”

For more information visit  And if you are in the central Illinois area, come visit the facility at Quincy Medical Group.