Jason Browder, a Physician Assistant with Alpine Orthopedics in Gunnison, Colorado has been prescribing ActiveArmor for the past eight to ten months. He has seen amazing results with a multitude of patients ranging from kids, to athletes, to geriatric patients! The patients love ActivArmor!

Jason has seen huge benefits with ActivArmor over traditional casts in many different types of patients.


“For kids it’s amazing because they can get it wet, they can stay active, they can play in it and have fun!”


“Athletes can go back to mountain biking, swimming and skiing. They can cross train without the negative impacts of the traditional cast.”


“Our geriatric patients love it because it’s custom fit. You don’t get that skin breakdown and wear and tear like you do with a traditional cast.”


“The biggest [benefit to the patient] for me is probably the breathability and the comfort of this cast.”


“[ActivArmor] doesn’t get wet and sweaty like a traditional cast does after several days. It is great for just staying clean and staying active.”

“I would highly recommend this device to anybody that really needs a traditional device or any immobilization device.”

The Alpine clinic has prescribed ActivArmor’ waterproof casts for a multitude of conditions including directly after surgery. “Patients love that it’s much more breathable, and there is less risk of infection as well. We’ve actually had a couple casts where we’ll leave a cutout where the incision goes so we can view the incision as well as the pin sites and make sure that they’re looking good.”


Providers like Jason prescribe this for chronic issues like carpal tunnel. “It’s a great immobilizer that’s very comfortable and it’s small and lighter than a traditional cast so patients stay active with it.”


When comparing the healing rates between a traditional cast and ActivArmor Jason explains “We’ve seen the same healing rates, I’d say slightly better [with ActivArmor] because it’s a great fit and it’s a great immobilizer. [ActivArmor] is a big cost saver to the patients because they don’t need multiple fiberglass casts and they don’t need multiple splints, they just need one device.”

“As far as clinic benefits, it’s huge!” ActivArmor has increased patient visits. “When a kid is walking around with this cast all his buddies are pretty excited about it and if they unfortunately have injuries, they want to come here [to Alpine] and get that same cast.”

“I haven’t had a patient with a negative feedback yet. They love it!”

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.