Dr. Steinberg, chairman of Jacksonville Orthopaedics Institute (JOI), discusses game changing ActivArmor™ with First Coast Living, a leading television news magazine in the Jacksonville, FL area. Dr. Steinberg discusses how this amazing, waterproof, breathable, 3D printed product helps to change the game for casting and splinting options.


“We like [ActivArmorTM] because it’s another option instead of a splint or a cast. And there are many people out there who don’t like either of those two things.”

“The advantage of [ActivArmor] is that it is super hard plastic that’s as strong, or stronger than, a cast, which allows access to the skin. So you can take a shower!”

“It’s 3D reconstructed on the system that perfectly fits it to the extremity. So whatever shape or size, [ActivArmor] fits.”

“We’ve had patients, we’ve had athletes, including professional athletes, use this product successfully.”

Jacksonville Orthopaedics Institute and ActivArmor are super excited to be working together, to offer this revolutionary 3D printed, waterproof cast, that is both breathable and more hygienic, to the Jacksonville area.

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.

(Published content on First Coast News)