Spencer B has been using ActivArmor™ for 3 years now, after sustaining an injury that requires permanent immobilization.  He tells us his story…

“My name is Spencer Burrows.  I have been an ActivArmor user for the past 3 years.”

“I suffered an electrical shock injury about 6 years ago and went through a myriad of casts and brace before I found ActivArmor.  It has been life changing for sure!  Not only is it a conversation starter for sure, but since I’m permanently immobilized and have to wear the brace all day and night it has been so much more comfortable than the others.  Along with that are the added benefits of being able to shower with it and go swimming, it also doesn’t get near as itchy as it use to and can be cleaned.”

“The coolest part about it though, is that it makes me look like Spider-Man and the kids I work with teaching after school sports love it!”

Finally, it has helped me get to a happier place where I don’t mind explaining my injury all the time because I have something cool to go along with it and talk about.

I am eternally grateful for ActivArmor and all they have done for me.”