Dr. Kaplan, orthopedic surgeon at the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute and head team physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars, prefers to put his patients in ActivArmor™. His patients and physical therapists love these 3D-printed, and truly waterproof casts!  Plus, they are breathable and more hygienic.

“The precision fit through 3D printing makes these [ActivArmorTM] casts fit within one millimeter to the patient’s native anatomy. They fit better, patients like wearing them.”

“They’re able to wash their skin, they’re able to observe their skin, and even as surgeons, if we have incisions, we’re able to see where we make the incisions and to keep an eye on the skin in the cases where there may be wound issues.”

“[ActivArmor] allows patients to return to activities of normal daily living, in addition to being more active. Things that they may not be able to do with a regular cast.”

“You can use this on upper extremity injuries, lower extremity injuries, and it’s very easy for patients to come in, for us to scan them, and to get a 3D printed cast back to them extremely quickly.”

Patients love them!

Our physical therapists love the cast as well.

I plan on continuing to use ActivArmor casts as much as possible in the coming months!

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.