Axel, a cute kid with a great smile, fractured his elbow. Axel had an unhappy week with 5 different cast configurations and 3 ER trips before his parents discovered ActivArmor’s 3D printed, waterproof casts!

“Kids with sensory needs really struggle with fiberglass casts.”

Axel’s parents learned about ActivArmorâ„¢ on the internet and took him to the Jacksonville, FL clinic to be scanned.

“[The ActivArmor cast] is working and his arm is healing, no surgery for now.”

“The entire ortho office was in awe of this cast and we hope it makes its way to more offices soon.”

“It can get wet, it doesn’t itch and is very breathable.”

ActivArmor is excited to be able to help kids enjoy their casts!

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