A broken wrist, which involved a bone graph and pin, isn’t stopping Elena from enjoying her active lifestyle in Florida! Her golf game hasn’t suffered, she can swim, paddleboard, run and play softball. All because of the freedom her ActivArmorâ„¢ 3D printed, waterproof cast gives her!

“I am very active and my golf putting is still solid, I can swim in the ocean and pool, paddleboard, run, and play softball”

ActivArmor’s breathable design allows patients to see and touch their limb, feel airflow, and reduce the trapped feeling giving them relief and comfort while healing.

“Feeling the air in the [ActivArmor] cast makes me feel like its not so overwhelming that the cast is there- and will be there for a while.”

Unlike traditional casts, ActivArmor’s waterproof design allows it to be worn in the shower, the pool and in the ocean allowing patients to participate in water sports or just stay clean!

“The first thing I did when I got home from the fitting was wash my hands- it was wonderful! I can also shower now without any help. This is huge! I love how clean I can be while still in a cast! “

“I cannot say enough good things about this ActiveArmor cast – from the concept, the fitting, the cleanliness, the ability to remain active! I’m so excited! “

“I am blown away at this cast and would put my name behind it 100%.”

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