Richard was fitted with an ActivArmor foot cast and he absolutely LOVES it! Wearing an ActivArmor™ 3D printed, waterproof cast for a few months was fine with him.

“I recently was fitted with one of your leg/foot casts and I have to say I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for bringing this to market.”

ActivArmor’s waterproof design allows it to be worn in the shower, the pool and in the ocean allowing patients to stay clean and busy with their active lifestyles!

“WIth this cast I can still swim/bathe/shower and not have to live with the uncomfortableness of fiberglass.”

“It’s pretty amazing how many people are asking about your product.  I just came off a cruise and almost no one asked me what was wrong with my leg, they were more fascinated with the cast. I was even approached by a physician’s assistant who was interested in contacting you. “

“I am so glad I found you through an online search and drove to [Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute] to be fitted. And when I went to my doctor’s appointment at the Ortho clinic, everyone in the waiting room asked me about the [ActivArmor] cast. My doctor will be calling you to sign up for your product!”

“This is a product that sells itself…anyone wearing your cast is your best salesperson!”

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