On-site 3D Printing will be Available Soon!

Here’s 10 reasons why you should choose ActivArmor:

Custom 3D designs will soon be at your fingertips with ActivArmor’s graphical user interface.  You’ll be able to print fully custom casts and splints right there in your clinic in a matter of hours to applly to the patient.  We are working on eliminating the difficulties of additive manufacturing for a plug-and-play, turnkey process that will be easy for any provider to implement on-site.  We are hoping to test out the new system by the end of the year.

Have you had a bad experience with in-clinic 3D printing in the past?  Another company out there has:

  • Expensive printers and packages
  • Only 2 forearm-based standard designs to choose from
  • Poor scanning tech for poor fit of the final product
  • Expensive and messy resins
  • Brittle designs, not protective enough for fracture care
  • Patient comfort and compliance issues
  • A printing system that requires a lot of training and maintenance

Here are the reasons ActivArmor in-clinic printing will solve all those problems:

  1. Tested and Proven Products: We are the MARKET LEADERS in the space.  Our designs have been used by hundreds of orthopedic providers for thousands of patients across the country for 8 years with incredible healing outcomes and positive patient and provider experiences.
  2. No expensive equipment: Our printers are affordable and scalable, and we have lease options available
  3. No prior training or skills required: in one day, we’ll have your staff up and running on the scan, custom design, print and finishing process.  No messing with resins and technical printer issues. Just load in the spool of plastic and press start!
  4. Unlimited design options with ActivArmor:
    • Ankles, hands and fingers, wrists, elbows
    • Any thickness – lightweight and breathable, removable like a splint, or durable and protective, locked-on like a cast
    • Any exposure area – want a bone stimulator in a certain spot?  Exposure of pins or incisions?  No problem!
    • Accommodations for swelling – bi-valve our devices for swelling as-needed, while keeping them locked-on for compliance
  5. Better fit with our more accurate scanning technology.  Better fit means better healing outcomes!
  6. Reduced turnaround time: Print and fit in a matter of hours,.
  7. Improved margins – up to 300% billable margins over costs on custom fabricated orthoses
  8. Marketing Opportunities for your clinic – Custom colors and logos available, so your patients market for you, as a competitive advantage