3D Printing in-clinic requires equipment, expertise and labor, has limited design options, and adds substantial liability to your practice.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should outsource to ActivArmor:

To do 3D design and printing right, it is labor intensive and requires expensive equipment and expertise.  There are maintenance and calibration, hot plastics, solvents, quality control, finishing work and regulatory requirements.

When ActivArmor came onto the market, we looked at what innovative clinics need… such as reduced overhead costs, labor efficiencies, high tech products, reduced inventory costs and management, improved patient throughput, and customization options for each patient.

Whenever we’ve had an inquiry for an in-office 3D printer, the same complaints came up over and over:

  • There is substantial liability risk as the manufacturer of a non-regulated medical device.
  • You only have 2 forearm-based standard designs to choose from.
  • You almost always have swelling in the first healing phase, so an immediate, rigid, circumferential device puts patients at risk for compartment syndrome.
  • You have to purchase and maintain quickly obsoleted equipment.
  • Staff has to be trained on both the hardware and software required with 3D printing in order to use it.
  • The calibration, troubleshooting, repairs and support are time consuming and costly.
  • You must purchase and stock raw material inventory and supplies.
  • You have little to no design customization ability – simply scaling.

See the top 10 reasons to Outsource to ActivArmor below!

Here’s the top 10 reasons ActivArmor model is better for your patients and your clinic:

  1. Reduced risk/liability: Every device is QC tested and checked for biocompatibility, microporosity (which can trap moisture and bacteria against the skin) and warranted by us
  2. No expensive equipment to purchase or make room for
  3. No inventory to stock, and maintain
  4. You have unlimited design options with ActivArmor:
    • Ankles, full legs, long arms, forearm-based, hand-based, ulnar and radial gutter splints to immobilize fingers
    • Any thickness – lightweight and breathable, removable like a splint, or durable and protective, locked-on like a cast
    • Any exposure area – want a bone stimulator in a certain spot?  Exposure of pins or incisions?  No problem!
    • Accommodations for swelling – bi-valve our devices for swelling as-needed, while keeping them locked-on for compliance
  5. Better fit with our more accurate scanning technology.  iPad scanner tests prove scans are off by up to 8 mm on things as small as fingers.  Better fit means better healing outcomes!
  6. Reduced staff time: No training on the equipment, maintenance and calibration of equipment, failure troubleshooting, delay in patient appointments for failed prints or printer malfunctions, no finishing and detail work required on each device
  7. Improved patient through-put – A 30 second scan and popping it onto the patient saves time for both staff and patients – plus no cutting off casts and re-applying them for each exam, x-ray or wet cast visit
  8. Improved billing opportunities – the ability to bill for custom fabricated devices without doing the work in-clinic
  9. Accommodations for swelling – bi-valve our devices for swelling as-needed, while keeping them locked-on for compliance
  10. Marketing Opportunities for your clinicActivArmor is a commercial product, not research!  So you can use our product in marketing, as a competitive advantage!  Custom logos and graphics are available.

If you’re still not sure, we suggest you try it for yourself!  Purchase a 3D printer and give it a try.  We’ll be here if you need us!