Vacations to Puerto Vallarta are a lot of fun in an ActivArmorTM cast! The ActivArmor team, including Alpine Orthopaedics, put in extra effort to make sure Bryce had his ActivArmor cast for vacation. He had a great time in the pool, at the beach, riding on a banana boat, and even snorkeling with sharks! All thanks to the protective, breathable, custom, 3D printed, waterproof, ActivArmor cast.


“Bryce got his ActivArmor cast in time for our family vacation in Puerto Vallarta! We had a very memorable experience that could have been a lot worse if he had the “old” waterproof cast.”

“We cannot thank you enough for all of your personal efforts and your team’s effort to get our son, Bryce, into an ActivArmor cast for our family vacation.”


The ActivArmor team goes the extra mile to make sure we provide the best customer service experience we can for our clients.

“On the first day, multiple lifeguards asked about the cast and I let them know that it was a 3-D printed cast that is waterproof, sand proof and pretty much foolproof and removable if needed. “


Having protection for an injury while being able to play in the sand and water in an ActivArmor cast is a win for everyone!

Bryce was the center of attention with his ActivArmor cast. It is a great conversation starter!


“Everyday we have multiple people ask about the cast and I talked their ear off about you guys. We were very proud to represent ActivArmor and [be] volunteer representatives. Bryce even told me to stop bragging! He was a bit embarrassed that we were always talking about him and his cast.”

“Again, we can’t thank you enough for the compassion and support you and your team has extended to [our] family.”

“We love ActivArmor!!”

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