A strained tendon is not going to slow down Josh C.’s active lifestyle thanks to ActivArmor™

“I couldn’t stand my prior cast it was bulky and being all cloth had tons of issues, getting sweaty, wet, smelly etc…”

ActivArmor’s breathable design allows patients to see and touch their limb, feel airflow, and reduce the trapped feeling giving them relief and comfort while healing.

“I called the founder of Active Armor as I had met her a few years ago. She sold me this amazing removable cast!”

Unlike traditional casts, ActivArmor’s waterproof design allows it to be worn in the shower, the pool or ocean and allows patients to even wash their hands! Making it one of the most hygienic casts available


“More to come on how it goes using it, but from the start I love it!”

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.