ActivArmor Hand Braces Saved Me from Days of Pain and an Operation!

Hand pain is easily tolerable thanks to the custom, protective, breathable, 3D printed, waterproof ActivArmorTM!

“My hand pain, mostly at the base of my thumb moving up into the hand, continued to grow worse. Medication helped some, however I knew that was just a cover up, not a long term answer.”

ActivArmor’s breathable, protective design allows Ty S. to avoid surgery and manage pain without medication for years!

“I met a woman in the elevator who had some ActivArmor braces on her hand and wrist. She raved about them!”

“Long story short, I have had my braces now for 3+ years. If I wear them just a few hours a day, I have a very little, easily tolerable, pain level in my hand.”

ActivArmor™ is a strong and unique immobilization device.

“I am actually able to play golf pain-free!”

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