When Levi broke his arm he wasn’t happy with the itchy, cast claustrophobia causing, traditional cast he started with. His parents discovered ActivArmor at Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute and Levi is very excited to now be wearing his futuristic, custom, protective, breathable, 3D printed, waterproof ActivArmorâ„¢! He has had no complaints and hasn’t felt the cast claustrophobia he was experiencing before!

“Levi was scheduled to get his regular cast, yes… the bulky, itchy and stinky old fashioned cast.”

“[We] found Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, the only place in the southeast that offers these services; so we went there naturally. “

Levi’s family was happy with the speed in which the ActivArmorâ„¢ cast arrived and the fact that it was easy to put on.

“The instructions provided were minimal because very little is necessary”

Thanks to it’s hygienic, breathable and protective design ActivArmor allows youngsters like Levi to stay active and energetic!

“Levi has had no complaints so far, not itchy and not feeling the cast claustrophobia he was feeling before.”


ActivArmorâ„¢ is a strong, unique, futuristic immobilization device.

“I’m sharing this because we are very impressed with the company that makes them and we want to spread the word!”

For more information visit ActivArmor.com.