Police Officer Diego just had a third surgery on his leg due to an infection reaching the bone, so he has been down-and-out. But thanks to the custom-made protective, breathable, 3D printed, waterproof capabilities of ActivArmor, Diego is still able to live an active lifestyle.

“I went online after seeing some images on Facebook of a 3D printed cast. After some digging I found my savior… ActivArmor!” “I found a doctor in my area who provided the ActivArmor cast and the rest is history.”


Diego raves that his “life was changed forever” thanks to ActivArmor™. 

“This cast changed my life and brought me from a depressed state to a state where I could be me and live again.”


Thanks to it’s hygienic, breathable and protective design, ActivArmor allows it’s wearers to do things like shower without the trouble of slipping a plastic bag over the cast.


” I was able to go boating, swimming, mudding and most importantly… I was able to shower without having to put a trash bag or watertight contraption on my leg. Everyone I ran across was blown away by the cast and how futuristic it was.”

ActivArmor™ is a strong, unique, futuristic immobilization device.

“ActivArmor is the best thing since sliced bread!

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